May 26, 2011

May 26: Thumb Thorn

Doing yard work.
Grabbed a rose stem.
Stabbed by a thorn.

10 hours later... when the inflammation was rising, along with the pain...
Spent 15 minutes digging with tweezers.

(hand held macro: extension tubes, 105mm, ISO 3200, f/4.)


Nearing my pain threshold, I finally gave in and let Vanessa take a turn.
Instead of probing with tweezers, she squeezed it like a zit. The thorn popped right out. Took her less than 5 seconds.

I must've loosened it for her....

Final score:
Rosebush - 1
Jeremy - 0
Vanessa - 1,000

May 11, 2011

May 11: Change Gears

A great thing about living in SLC is that I can ski and bike in the same day.

A quick tour in the morning.

Followed by 20 miles on the bike.
(Notice the snow in the background.)

The descent was cold.

I'm working on a new camera rig. The results aren't great, yet. From the following frames, I learned a lot about what I need to improve.

The focus slipped. The shutter speed was too fast (not enough motion blur). The composition is too centered....
I can fix all of that with tape, aperture, and geometry. A bit more practice and I'll be able to get some interesting shots.
(Some nicer light wouldn't hurt either...)

The next challenge is to ride 25 miles to Snowbird (+4000' gain), ski a few laps, and ride home.

May 4, 2011

May 4: Over View

Sorting 3696 images from the Green. It's taking a while....
Here are a few that stand out so far. (Straight from camera, for quickness.)

It was no first descent, but it was an exploration.

The crew was mostly from Alta's GMD lodge. Bunch'a skiers in the desert.

There was much laughter...

A bit of hiking...

Some whitewater...

Fun around the fire...

And terrific star gazing.

Much more to come...
Stay tuned.

May 3, 2011

May 1: Speed Check

Here's a brief teaser from 6 days on the Green River.

On day 5, I finally found a good line with a nice landing.

Stepping out the in-run. (Removing thorns.)

Waiting for the light. (Cursing the wind.)

Speed check?  It's already been speed checked.
Ahh... fuckitsendit.

Thanks to TJ for the camera assist.