February 17, 2011

Feb 17: New Snow

Every ski town wants more snow, new snow, deeper snow, softer snow.
Alta finally got it last night: 11" in ~3 hours. Locals like to call that 'nuking.'

Knowing there was a very limited window for morning light, we headed up early. It was a beautiful morning. The kind of morning that makes skiers giddy. Photographers too.

However, many natural sluff slides had run full track on the slopes adjacent to where we wanted to ski. We kicked cornices, triggering fresh energetic sluffs.

We ski cut and rode some lower angle terrain, to get a better feel.
I've been trying to work more with shadows. This one didn't quite line up, but it does display the excellent riding conditions.

Although three turns later, amongst the trees, we found the magic angle. (not shown.)
Then we went back to ski our original line. It looked really good.

But, it all washed out before Kate could get into it. (I planned ahead and stood in a shadow zone, away from the washouts.)

It totally wrecked the line. And the sun disappeared. So, we returned to the white room.

We hit a few more little lines. I tried to embrace the flat light with a little motion blur. This one's a bit off, but still interesting.

I guess we'll settle for more fresh turns. Nice focus.

Thanks Kate, for your tireless effort and endless motivation.

PS. Kate finished 2nd in the Targhee Big Mountain Telemark Comp last week.

February 16, 2011

Feb 16: Oregon Recap

In June, I rode my bike down the Oregon Coast with Nate and Kimber. Here are are few images from that trip.
And this one is my favorite. 'Stick Figures.' It is a perfect representation of how the three of us worked together to keep the trip fun and balanced.

I also edited some video and I'm finally ready to post it.

Oregon Trail from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.

February 15, 2011

Feb 15: Zoo Two

I'm really impressed with Vanessa's images from yesterday. (Click here.)
I can't help but share a few more of my own.

I sold a zoom lens and replaced it with a (less expensive) telephoto.
The zoo was my first test of the new gear.
All of these images are shot at 300mm f/4. I have not cropped any of them.

All of the images are also shot through some form of glass or fencing.

Sometimes it's really obvious and distracting.

And sometimes it's very hard to tell that the animals are in cages. Although, the artificial lighting gives it away. (As do their faces.)

Sometimes I can work around it.

Though this Amur Leopard certainly cannot.

It seems only the birds are free. The local birds at least.

Sometimes the fence adds an interesting dynamic.

While sometimes it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Very sour. But at least my lens is pretty sharp, even at f/4. (blown up for full res.)

The Zoo is a great benefactor to animal species.
But it's not a great place for the individual animals.
It's a rather depressing place actually.

I have mixed feelings.
But I'm very happy with the performance of my new 300mm.
And the last image of the Gorilla was shot at ISO 3200. It's amazing what digital can do.

February 14, 2011

Feb 14: The Zoo

I've enjoyed zoos since I was a little kid, as I have a deep fascination with animals. Today, during a warm spell (58F), Vanessa and I visited the Hogle Zoo in SLC.
Vanessa has also taken an interest in learning more about photography. I'm trying to teach her a few things. Today was a great opportunity to practice.

I won't delve into how I currently feel about captive animals (or 'pets'), but I think some of our images say more than I ever could.

Here are 12 images, 6 from each of us.













Vanessa shot some amazing images. Wow.

February 11, 2011

Feb 11: Play Ground

It was a backcountry playground today. Recess at ski camp.
Great snow, great features, great fun.

The snow is a bit thicker than the last few days, but a little surface hoar makes for tasty cold smoke.
2 turns before, all I could see was Dave's pole. That image turned out way cool.

Here's another taste, 3 clicks after the shot. I love that Nicole has gloves to match her helmet.

The next little feature turned into a game of H.O.R.S.E.
Dave goes first.

Nicole follows. I think she wins this round.

Not to be left behind, Cascade finds a different spot.
Cowabunga dude!

Nicole comes flying out of the obstacle course.
Watch out for that rock!

Next we play truth or dare.
I dare Dave to ski next to the old dead tree. There is literally no entrance, and some stiff bushes in the way. Cascade clears a path and Dave manages to get through.

He totally sticks the landing.


I don't know how to score Cascade's last line. It doesn't break records on the style scale, but it is off the charts on the fun scale.

The bell must not have rang, because we were all late getting back to class.
Detention? Whatever. It was worth it.

February 10, 2011

Feb 10: Double Shift

I had big plans for today, but no athletes to accompany me.
Instead of giving up, I packed 2 Pocketwizards and a tripod.

I did double work today. I was the photographer and the athlete, simultaneously.

I tested out my system on a simple safe line. It worked perfectly on this first set. Nobody would guess that this is a pocketwizard self portrait. Prettly slick.

On another set, it didn't work so well. These are consecutive frames. It appears I missed something in the middle.

I figured out my mistakes and got the system to work better on the other lines. It actually worked so well that I dare not post the photos. One in particular might be my new favorite of this season.
I will give a teaser though.
My clothes are so bright that my lines turn yellow.

And, yes, I hauled a beer all the way up there. After working 7 hours simultaneously at two different jobs, it tasted mighty fine.

February 9, 2011

Feb 9: Super Ior

Yesterday was 'one of those days.'
I shot this on my first lap, then didn't touch the camera again for the rest of the day. The skiing was just too good.

Today, the touring was amazing. We started at 5am, hit our lines and finished before 10. I'm sure there are 100s of people still out there, tearing it up.

The sun didn't cooperate, and it was cold up high, but we found some big lines, little jumps, and great turns.

Justin on a big line.

Nicole on a little jump.

Cascade on a great turn.

The light didn't turn out (although an hour later, it was perfect), but we had a grand time up there.
More tomorrow.