February 17, 2011

Feb 17: New Snow

Every ski town wants more snow, new snow, deeper snow, softer snow.
Alta finally got it last night: 11" in ~3 hours. Locals like to call that 'nuking.'

Knowing there was a very limited window for morning light, we headed up early. It was a beautiful morning. The kind of morning that makes skiers giddy. Photographers too.

However, many natural sluff slides had run full track on the slopes adjacent to where we wanted to ski. We kicked cornices, triggering fresh energetic sluffs.

We ski cut and rode some lower angle terrain, to get a better feel.
I've been trying to work more with shadows. This one didn't quite line up, but it does display the excellent riding conditions.

Although three turns later, amongst the trees, we found the magic angle. (not shown.)
Then we went back to ski our original line. It looked really good.

But, it all washed out before Kate could get into it. (I planned ahead and stood in a shadow zone, away from the washouts.)

It totally wrecked the line. And the sun disappeared. So, we returned to the white room.

We hit a few more little lines. I tried to embrace the flat light with a little motion blur. This one's a bit off, but still interesting.

I guess we'll settle for more fresh turns. Nice focus.

Thanks Kate, for your tireless effort and endless motivation.

PS. Kate finished 2nd in the Targhee Big Mountain Telemark Comp last week.

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