December 20, 2009

Dec 19: Tree Hits

Keenan practices some tree-hit 3's.
90 in, tap the tree, 270 out.
Or, as in this image, 90 in, swing a huge left, and punch the tree as hard as possible.

Dec 18: New Tricks

Justin shows off his new video game trick, wherein he removes a ski mid-flight, wraps it around his body, then puts it back on for landing, all while throwing a cool cork 7.

Hazen is unimpressed.

Fat-ypus riders Vanessa and Kent put their base graphics on display.

December 16, 2009

Dec 16: Can't Resist

The backcountry is ripe with avalanches.
The South slopes are skiable, but the snow is thick and sun affected.
We went to poke around.
The snow was soft, deep, thick, crusty, ....
Difficult to ski well.

Dec 15: Sky High

Finally. Snow.

Although the backcountry is super sensitive and dangerous, we can now start sending cliffs, building booters, and skiing big lines.

Justin, airing it out.

While building a kicker, Justin finds that it's about ... mmm ... shoulder deep.

A bluebird named Sarah.

Tree-skiing, the Alta way.

Shameless self promotion:
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Dec 14: Night Riders

We took over a neighborhood parking lot for a rail session.
There were many visitors, from those enjoying the view of the city lights, to those stopping to watch us throw ourselves at the pavement at great speeds.

Perhaps this was foreshadowing. Keenan hit his dome real hard soon after this and was dizzy for the rest of the night.

Timmy making it look easy.

Hazen mixin' it up.

Dec 13: Happy Holidaze

Enjoy your holiday season.
Best wishes.

Dec 11: Forcing the Issue

The snow still won't come, but we're going out anyway.
We skinned 2 hours for recon, checked conditions, took some crappy photos, then skidaddled out of there.
We loosed a small slide on the way down too. We were safe, but it was still exciting.

The real excitement is that a mega storm is on the way to Utah. Instead of counting inches, we'll be counting feet. Maybe we'll get some real powder photos next week.

December 9, 2009

Dec 9: More of the same

Things I learned today, on another failed ski tour:

1. When you wake up at 4:30, you should eat more than a bowl of cereal. At about 8:30, after 3 miles of skinning/booting, you'll be wicked hungry.
2. Just because the data says 15" doesn't mean there will be more than 4".
3. Just because the map shows a road doesn't mean the road is open.
4. Zero degrees is cold. Minus three is cold enough to turn your sweat into ice.
5. Hiking before dawn is magical. Seeing Puma tracks enhances the magic.
6. Just because the light is crap doesn't mean it won't get worse. Take your photos of the Puma tracks ASAP. At the very least, take some BEFORE a pack of dogs arrives and trashes the scene trying to find the kitty cat.
7. Walking on ice makes your butt sore, and your knees too.
8. Sometimes the right choice is to give up, turn around, and go home without even stripping skins.
9. A failed tour is still good exercise, and as they say, 'A bad day skiing is better than a good day at work.'
10. If your tour fails hard enough, you can still go back to work. What's a clever saying for a bad day skiing AND a good day at work?

December 3, 2009

Dec 3: Cold Compounded

How to make a cold day colder.

Step 1: Wear the same clothes you would normally wear for skiing in 30 degree temperatures.
Step 2: Drive up to Alta and check the temps. Discover that it's zero degrees Farenheit ... in the parking lot.
Step 3: Realize you didn't pack any extra clothes.
Step 4: Realize you only brought your low-volume high-performance boots: the ones that make your feet numb even when worn around the house.
Step 5: Strap everything down tight and ski a few laps until you can't feel your hands or feet.
Step 6: Take a break in the lodge, remove your boots, and let your feet warm up.
Step 7: Spill a cup of water on the table, directly over your boots, letting the water run off the table and straight into your boots.
Step 8: Tip the boots over and let the water drip out.
Step 9: %#*@
Step 10: Go home.

December 1, 2009

Dec 1: No Snow

It's December now. Where's the snow?
I've heard CO is doing ok, as well as WA, OR, and even CA.
But UT, of all places, has no snow.
See for yourself....

We hiked to 11,500 feet, to get a nice view of the rocks and dirt. All those slopes in the background are skiable, but not today.

In these conditions, you can't even fake it. Although, we still have fun pretending to send it huge into the rock filled chute. Cannonbaaaaaalllllll!

At least the sky is super blue from 11-five. I wonder what it's like from 15, 20, or even higher.