December 9, 2009

Dec 9: More of the same

Things I learned today, on another failed ski tour:

1. When you wake up at 4:30, you should eat more than a bowl of cereal. At about 8:30, after 3 miles of skinning/booting, you'll be wicked hungry.
2. Just because the data says 15" doesn't mean there will be more than 4".
3. Just because the map shows a road doesn't mean the road is open.
4. Zero degrees is cold. Minus three is cold enough to turn your sweat into ice.
5. Hiking before dawn is magical. Seeing Puma tracks enhances the magic.
6. Just because the light is crap doesn't mean it won't get worse. Take your photos of the Puma tracks ASAP. At the very least, take some BEFORE a pack of dogs arrives and trashes the scene trying to find the kitty cat.
7. Walking on ice makes your butt sore, and your knees too.
8. Sometimes the right choice is to give up, turn around, and go home without even stripping skins.
9. A failed tour is still good exercise, and as they say, 'A bad day skiing is better than a good day at work.'
10. If your tour fails hard enough, you can still go back to work. What's a clever saying for a bad day skiing AND a good day at work?

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