December 3, 2009

Dec 3: Cold Compounded

How to make a cold day colder.

Step 1: Wear the same clothes you would normally wear for skiing in 30 degree temperatures.
Step 2: Drive up to Alta and check the temps. Discover that it's zero degrees Farenheit ... in the parking lot.
Step 3: Realize you didn't pack any extra clothes.
Step 4: Realize you only brought your low-volume high-performance boots: the ones that make your feet numb even when worn around the house.
Step 5: Strap everything down tight and ski a few laps until you can't feel your hands or feet.
Step 6: Take a break in the lodge, remove your boots, and let your feet warm up.
Step 7: Spill a cup of water on the table, directly over your boots, letting the water run off the table and straight into your boots.
Step 8: Tip the boots over and let the water drip out.
Step 9: %#*@
Step 10: Go home.

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