August 25, 2011

Aug 13: Fish On

With the family in Quincy CA.

The boys sure love fishing.

And they catch 'em too, including this lunker largemouth, assisted by uncle Cody.

Vanessa tried fly fishing for the first time, with instruction from fish guide Andrew.
First cast.

Fish on!

She landed a few.

Rippin' lips.

Aug 22: Night Climb

We spent the evening climbing.
Sunset - Twilight - Dusk - Night.


I shot an additional 700 frames. I'm working on a composite timelapse.

Aug 24: Water Ski

I shot waterskiing for the first time.

The light wasn't great, but it gave me an opportunity to test out the angles.

Here's one of my mistakes that turned out okay.

And a mistake of a different kind.

I got the hang of it towards the end, but it got quite dark.

Just for kicks, I tried a strobe.

Bumping the ISO let me shoot in the low light, but shortly after this it became hard to see the buoys.

Next time, in good light, we'll get some better shots.

August 16, 2011

July 4: Fire Works

4th of July in CA.

Teaching the kids how fire works.





June 21: Bora Bora

Honeymoon in Bora Bora

First, we learned that 'Doritos' in French is the same as 'Doritos' in English. Who would'a thought?

After that mistake, things got much better:


And sunsets.

At the sunset bar.

A bathtub for 2.

Swimming with the fishes.

And petting the 'rays.

Blue skies.

And coco drinks.

On a sunset cruise.

A glass of wine.

Under the stars.