February 27, 2010

Feb 26: Spring Skiing

16" made for good skiing.
The warm weather made it a bit Springy.

We started by sending Vanessa off a sweet cliff.
I combined 20 images into a massive composite. I'm saving the big one, but here's a teaser image.

Then, we went into Grizzly to hang out in the sun.
Check the time lapse video.

Spring Days in Grizzly Gulch from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.

I had another camera on a tripod, firing remotely with a Pocket Wizard.
It felt good to just let the P'-Wizard do the work. I didn't even check the framing until halfway through the day. A nice lazy afternoon in the sun.
Some shots from the P'-Wizard:







Spring is here already.
What happened to Winter?

February 25, 2010

Feb 25: Night Skiing

Our first night-skiing adventure of the season.

Here are the warm-up shots:
Sarah Scott.

Justin Wright.

JP Schlick.

The next set was much cleaner, as we figured out our methods. (I'm saving those images for later.)
Hint: strategically place headlamps on the sneaky trees and bushes, to avoid face shots of the wooden variety.
Also: pick lines with nice easy run-outs, to avoid colliding with the gear.
Lastly: choose your moment wisely, to avoid planting a tree on JP's head.

Thanks to the athletes for courageously bombing the Aspens in the dark.
It was rather tricky, with all the snow and trees. Exciting and fun too though.

Here's our exit strategy.

We'll try it again when the snow is better.

February 23, 2010

Feb 23: Redesign

Everything must go!
Replace it with newer, better stuff.

Check out the new website: www.JeremyKoons.com
(There are a few pages still in progress, but it's very close.)

And a new logo:

And a new ski-specific logo:

See it in this new window graphic:

New smaller graphics (for your skis!) coming soon.

Order now!

Send a message to my new email:   Jeremy@JeremyKoons.com

New shout out: Big props to SAC at SACS Impact for the graphic design collaboration.
Check her photography blog here:

Feb 19: Shooting Cliffs

I can't figure out why the video playback is so bad in slo-mo. It worked fine before... hmmmm.
Here it is anyway. Watch out for the ending.

Shooting Cliffs in Little Cottonwood from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
Gray sky, as usual.
Sending little cliffs.
Pushing new angles.
Missing lines and nearly getting crushed.

Here's the image from Hazen's line.

And the one from Keenan's, right before he landed on us. Luckily, my boots took the worst of it.

I got some better images, but I'm saving them for later. Sorry.

February 18, 2010

Feb 18: Repost for a friend

A friend reminded me of a few things.
This video repost is for her.

Body Scapes from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
I see shape, color and texture, ignoring context.
I see intrinsic beauty, in the curves of bodies, in the curves of horizons.
I see blurred boundaries between human and earth, when a sand dune becomes skin
or skin becomes sand.
I see landscapes in bodies, and bodies in landscapes.
I see reality transcended
in Body Scapes.

My prints are an attempt to recreate the mental images that I see when I view a landscape in its human form.
The images are fleeting moments of beauty, intangible fantasies, melting shapes.
They fade from view faster than I can create them, before I can truly experience their splendor.
The images leave me, and I feel alone, deserted, incomplete.
In my state of longing,
I am sad.

February 12, 2010

Feb 11: Avy Tests

Nate Hansen and I went out to poke around in the new snow (5"), look at the Avy conditions, and try to ski some powder (which has been very elusive lately in the Wasatch).

Here's a video of our cornice cutting avy tests.

Avy Test from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
We cut a few cornices to see the reactivity of the snowpack.
5" of new snow, with a little more windblown snow on top.
Crusts everywhere, from warm preceding days.
The first cut produced nothing.
The second produced a small slide. 5-10" deep, ~60' wide, running not much more than 100', although the visibility was bad enough that we could only see ~100'.
The target slope was E-NE, just over 30 degrees.
The sliding surface was the old snow surface, not all the way to the depth hoar ground layers.
We were just East of Alta, SE of Rocky Point.

A ski cut on a small sample slope produces a slide. Due South facing, windblown dense snow on top of the suncrust. 4-10" deep. 40' wide. Ran not far at all.

The toe of the 'debris' pile. Not more than a foot deep.

Profile of the test slope. Small and forgiving.

In case you were wondering why all these photos are grey and ugly, it's because I'm trying to show you contrast and detail in the fractures. If I exposed it for a ski photo, it would look like this. Pretty (maybe), but you can't see the debris.

Oh yeah, we also skied a little bit. Jealous? Hahaha

Feb 11: Scrabble Test

Scrabble from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
Stop-motion 4 person Scrabble game.
It needs some improvements, but the concept seems ok.

February 10, 2010

Feb 10: Tetons Touring

Finally, I made it through the edits.
(Also, the video is a large file, for your viewing pleasure, so be patient while it loads.)

Tetons Touring Feb '10 from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
We spent 3 days touring the Teton Pass area.
I shot 3000 images, about 75% time lapse, and a bit of HD video.
We stayed in Driggs, ID, at the NOLS branch, where they provided $5 meals and free housing.
All we had to do was clean the walls. What a deal!

February 5, 2010

Feb 5: Tetons Recap

3 days in the Tetons.
Nearly 1000 miles in the car.
16" of new snow.
Free housing (trade for cleaning).
$10/day food.
Total spent, per person, ~$75. Wow.

Oh yeah, heaps of video, and ..... over 3000 images.

The crew: Nate Hansen, Andrew Hansen, Andrew Yue, and Jeremy Koons

I check out the Teton Valley with Nate and Andrew.


Andrew (mirror).



Earning our room & board, cleaning the laundry room walls.

There are 1000's of images yet to come, and video too.
A time lapse video of the entire trip is in the works.
It should be interesting.
Check back soon to see it.