February 27, 2010

Feb 26: Spring Skiing

16" made for good skiing.
The warm weather made it a bit Springy.

We started by sending Vanessa off a sweet cliff.
I combined 20 images into a massive composite. I'm saving the big one, but here's a teaser image.

Then, we went into Grizzly to hang out in the sun.
Check the time lapse video.

Spring Days in Grizzly Gulch from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.

I had another camera on a tripod, firing remotely with a Pocket Wizard.
It felt good to just let the P'-Wizard do the work. I didn't even check the framing until halfway through the day. A nice lazy afternoon in the sun.
Some shots from the P'-Wizard:







Spring is here already.
What happened to Winter?

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