February 25, 2010

Feb 25: Night Skiing

Our first night-skiing adventure of the season.

Here are the warm-up shots:
Sarah Scott.

Justin Wright.

JP Schlick.

The next set was much cleaner, as we figured out our methods. (I'm saving those images for later.)
Hint: strategically place headlamps on the sneaky trees and bushes, to avoid face shots of the wooden variety.
Also: pick lines with nice easy run-outs, to avoid colliding with the gear.
Lastly: choose your moment wisely, to avoid planting a tree on JP's head.

Thanks to the athletes for courageously bombing the Aspens in the dark.
It was rather tricky, with all the snow and trees. Exciting and fun too though.

Here's our exit strategy.

We'll try it again when the snow is better.

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