February 18, 2010

Feb 18: Repost for a friend

A friend reminded me of a few things.
This video repost is for her.

Body Scapes from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
I see shape, color and texture, ignoring context.
I see intrinsic beauty, in the curves of bodies, in the curves of horizons.
I see blurred boundaries between human and earth, when a sand dune becomes skin
or skin becomes sand.
I see landscapes in bodies, and bodies in landscapes.
I see reality transcended
in Body Scapes.

My prints are an attempt to recreate the mental images that I see when I view a landscape in its human form.
The images are fleeting moments of beauty, intangible fantasies, melting shapes.
They fade from view faster than I can create them, before I can truly experience their splendor.
The images leave me, and I feel alone, deserted, incomplete.
In my state of longing,
I am sad.

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