February 10, 2010

Feb 10: Tetons Touring

Finally, I made it through the edits.
(Also, the video is a large file, for your viewing pleasure, so be patient while it loads.)

Tetons Touring Feb '10 from Jeremy Koons on Vimeo.
We spent 3 days touring the Teton Pass area.
I shot 3000 images, about 75% time lapse, and a bit of HD video.
We stayed in Driggs, ID, at the NOLS branch, where they provided $5 meals and free housing.
All we had to do was clean the walls. What a deal!


  1. LOVE! This is awesome. Excellent work! I am completely inspired. Also, thanks for documenting the winter life of my husband and broadcasting his nerdiness to the world wide web. p.s. you are also a nerd.

  2. Dude! Love it. Those powder turns just looked sexy. Also great job with the details (garage door, pulling into the parking lot, ect.). PS oh, and i'm a sucker for some passion pit.

  3. Very cool. How often did you shoot the images in the car and were you using a magic arm for the camera mount?

  4. Thanks for the compliments everyone. David, I've found it best to manually trigger the shutter at interesting times. I hide a cable in the center console. Although sometimes I use a 10-15s interval. At night, more like 2 minutes. It's mounted on a tripod, wedged tightly to stand up against turns and bumps. (Lots of trial and error to develop these techniques.)