February 11, 2011

Feb 11: Play Ground

It was a backcountry playground today. Recess at ski camp.
Great snow, great features, great fun.

The snow is a bit thicker than the last few days, but a little surface hoar makes for tasty cold smoke.
2 turns before, all I could see was Dave's pole. That image turned out way cool.

Here's another taste, 3 clicks after the shot. I love that Nicole has gloves to match her helmet.

The next little feature turned into a game of H.O.R.S.E.
Dave goes first.

Nicole follows. I think she wins this round.

Not to be left behind, Cascade finds a different spot.
Cowabunga dude!

Nicole comes flying out of the obstacle course.
Watch out for that rock!

Next we play truth or dare.
I dare Dave to ski next to the old dead tree. There is literally no entrance, and some stiff bushes in the way. Cascade clears a path and Dave manages to get through.

He totally sticks the landing.


I don't know how to score Cascade's last line. It doesn't break records on the style scale, but it is off the charts on the fun scale.

The bell must not have rang, because we were all late getting back to class.
Detention? Whatever. It was worth it.

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