February 6, 2011

Feb 6: Super Beard

I hope you laugh while looking at these images. I'm still laughing.
(For the full effect, click on any of the images to enlarge it.)

I set up my gear for a repeatable shot, in the living room.

I rigged it all with Pocketwizards. My handheld PW triggers the camera's PW. The camera triggers the strobes with a sync cord and simultaneously relays the signal to a 3rd PW. The 3rd PW triggers my Speedlite in the back (pictured above).

A couple meter readings and we'll be ready.

The light looks pretty nice.

(This would be a good one to enlarge. Click on it. Then laugh heartily.)

The Super Bowl has arrived. Kickoff. I win the bet.
Let the insanity proceed, unabated.

Although Vanessa doesn't care for it, I might keep the 'stache for a few days.
It took me 11 weeks to grow it. I might as well flaunt it.

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  1. Fantastic. Forget about Nate, I'm the one with mustache envy.