February 7, 2011

Feb 7: Must Stache

I'm having too much fun with this.....
Please, enjoy it with me.

I've figured out a nice way to do simple head shots with one light. I basically turned a softbox into a ring light. You can see it in the catch lights. The camera is mounted directly in front of the soft box, with a shutter release cable and a pocketwizard.

70mm, f5.6. The focus was tricky, but I figured out a repeatable way to get it right. Self portraits are tough when your DOF is 1cm or less.
It's a bit creepy, yeah?
Well, how about a few with no eyes?

Nice light, right? It's hard to see any differences here. You might notice the sweet mustache. I definitely took it around town today, owning it. I even put wax in it to keep it tight.
The dude at Verizon said, 'Wow, got the mustache today, huh?' (he recognized me from last week.)

Now for the kicker...

Look how the pupil size completely determines the mood of the image. I had no idea it would be so influential.
Left: modeling light on.
Center: modeling off, but kitchen lights on.
Right: total dark.
Apparently, a totally dark room brings out the crazy eyes.

Btw, click on the last image to enlarge it. You'll be happy you did.

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