February 15, 2011

Feb 15: Zoo Two

I'm really impressed with Vanessa's images from yesterday. (Click here.)
I can't help but share a few more of my own.

I sold a zoom lens and replaced it with a (less expensive) telephoto.
The zoo was my first test of the new gear.
All of these images are shot at 300mm f/4. I have not cropped any of them.

All of the images are also shot through some form of glass or fencing.

Sometimes it's really obvious and distracting.

And sometimes it's very hard to tell that the animals are in cages. Although, the artificial lighting gives it away. (As do their faces.)

Sometimes I can work around it.

Though this Amur Leopard certainly cannot.

It seems only the birds are free. The local birds at least.

Sometimes the fence adds an interesting dynamic.

While sometimes it just leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Very sour. But at least my lens is pretty sharp, even at f/4. (blown up for full res.)

The Zoo is a great benefactor to animal species.
But it's not a great place for the individual animals.
It's a rather depressing place actually.

I have mixed feelings.
But I'm very happy with the performance of my new 300mm.
And the last image of the Gorilla was shot at ISO 3200. It's amazing what digital can do.

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