February 5, 2011

Feb 5: The Bet

Vanessa and I made a bet about a month ago.

I shaved the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. After 6 weeks, I was ready to shave again, but Vanessa challenged me. She wagered I would not be able to let my beard grow until the Super Bowl.

Last week, I took this photo of myself.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. I am going to win this bet.
It's a good thing it's almost over, because I'm turning into a crazyman.

Neither of us remember the stakes of the bet.


  1. Jeremy, this post just made me completely crack up! You definitely look like someone I'd not want to rub the wrong way! Hilarious!

  2. Nate has beard envy. I think the most remarkable thing about it is that you've been pairing it with your designer jeans and sleek BMW. Work it.