February 10, 2011

Feb 10: Double Shift

I had big plans for today, but no athletes to accompany me.
Instead of giving up, I packed 2 Pocketwizards and a tripod.

I did double work today. I was the photographer and the athlete, simultaneously.

I tested out my system on a simple safe line. It worked perfectly on this first set. Nobody would guess that this is a pocketwizard self portrait. Prettly slick.

On another set, it didn't work so well. These are consecutive frames. It appears I missed something in the middle.

I figured out my mistakes and got the system to work better on the other lines. It actually worked so well that I dare not post the photos. One in particular might be my new favorite of this season.
I will give a teaser though.
My clothes are so bright that my lines turn yellow.

And, yes, I hauled a beer all the way up there. After working 7 hours simultaneously at two different jobs, it tasted mighty fine.