February 4, 2011

Feb 4: Family Time

It's been 3 years since I last skied with my parents. (And, no, we don't know that guy in the background. Weird, huh?)

They like to ski groomers. Deer Valley is prime for corduroy.

My uncle is also visiting.
Do these guys look like brothers?

 Deer Valley has comps this week. Freestyle (moguls), Aerials, and Ski Cross.

We saw this women's heat from the chair. Pretty cool vantage point, but difficult to photograph.

It's hard when I'm on a chair moving one way, the skiers are moving another way, and there're trees and stuff in the way.
Sorta reminds me of Top Gun.

"We went like this. He went like that. I said to Hollywood, 'Where'd he go?' Hollywood says, 'Where'd whooooo goooooo?'"

Talk to me Goose.

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