July 7, 2010

July 7: Sample Stills

I'm still organizing video and compiling image sets into timelapse clips.
Here're are a few stills from the forthcoming clips.

Sometimes in the car.

Sometimes with rotation.

Sometimes at night.

Sometimes on the bike.

Sometimes wider.

Sometimes in tunnels.

Sometimes in camp, usually tired.

Sometimes posed.

And sometimes hanging by a web.

Sometime, at some point, I'll get some of this edited, and I'll post something, somewhere, somehow.


  1. Hey Jeremy, I love the shots with your camera mounted on the bike! Please describe the mount. Did you buy or rig one??? Looking forward to seeing more. Jimmy

  2. Thanks Jimmy.
    I used a Manfrotto magic arm, mounted to my rear bike rack and/or the trailer. It's a heavy set-up, so I also used rope and sticks (no joke) to hold everything in place.
    I taped a pocket wizard to the handlebar to remotely fire the camera at my choosing, instead of using an intervalometer.
    I also used a GoPro Hero (helmet cam) with a seatpost and handlebar mount for video angles similar to these stills. Those shots will come out later.

  3. These are ALL ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! My favs are posed and in a web! This is yet another talent you possess that singles you out from all of the rest! I can't wait to see your final edit... somewhere, somehow, & hopefully sometime sooner than later...ha! Teresa