July 5, 2010

July 5: Oregon Preview

 Returning from adventure, I have roughly 5000 new images, and hours of video.
(~125GB total media)
It will take some time to get things sorted (let alone edited...), but here's one set that works.

I can't decide what to call it.
It fits somewhere between Body Balance and Cloud Dancing.
'Stick Yoga' just doesn't quite do it.


  1. stick figures. seriously awesome shots and love them as a triptych. just ran into Kimber yesterday and lookin forward to seein all the video you shot!

  2. LOVE this Jeremy. Can't wait to see more from your trip!

  3. Heavenly Zen? Tidal Zen? I don't know but something Zen here for sure...lol
    How in this world did you manage such incredible shots? These would make amazing greeting cards among other things. You have taken your pics to new heights...LOL You are the master of do what you love and love what you do! Teresa