October 27, 2009

Oct 21-24: Moab Part II

For simplicity's sake, I've posted different images to different sites.
The blog images tell the story of the trip.
The website images, though, are my favorites. Check them out here.

The story:

We travel to Moab for 3 days riding and climbing, but forget the climbing gear. I guess we'll just look at the climbing routes and ride twice as hard.

We are explorers, following trails, but always looking for our own adventures

We ride between snow and sand.

We take in the scenery from countless viewpoints.

Sometimes our plans are foiled by fences. It's a tough decision to concede, but we turn around.

We ride the cliffs, on the edge of 1000' canyons.

Sometimes we must jump,

always at full speed,

to overcome obstacles,

which we conquer with joy.

After a long day of riding, the sunset is a welcome reward.


Epilogue. After the sunset, we had 5 miles to ride back to the car, in the dark, on slickrock, with cliffs and bumps all around. Some dared ride in the dark, with head-over-heels results. Some chose to walk, with stumbling results.
Through 3 days, I bled on elbows, knees, shins, shoulders, hips, calves, fingers, ....
Maybe I rode my bike, or maybe I fought a mean grizzly bear with a cheese grater and a belt sander. Either way, I am torn up.

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