January 21, 2010

Jan 21: Core Shot

Today was an amazing powder day. 15" on top of 10" on top of 15". Choking face shots.
I worked my way to the front of the line and was the first to make turns at Alta. What a day!

However, I sent a 20 footer without proper scouting. I didn't take enough speed, landed on the cliff face, and nearly broke my ski.

Check out this core shot (yes, that's a quarter for a scale reference):

My Katana's have a metal core, which is now cracked, scratched and dented.

I also cracked the side wall.

See the close-up. (Click to see even closer.)

Are those for me, or the ski?


Apparently, just because the slopes are bottomless doesn't mean the cliff faces are.

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  1. A sad tale indeed, but if those pills are any good it ends well.