August 5, 2010

Aug 5: The Grand

We climbed the Grand Teton via the Petzoldt Direct route, one of the 'Classic' Teton routes.

We began the approach at 6600', with 13,800' in our sights.

We set base camp in the shadow of the Middle Teton.

With warm temps, the snowmelt fed many creeks.

We successfully completed our route, but bad weather forced us to turn back just short of the true summit. We caught wind, rain, and even SNOW at the top, but the ridges just to the south experienced the worst of it, including lightning.

With bad weather-related accidents the week before (including fatalities), the Tetons are no place to fool around with the weather. I would've loved to stand on the summit, but that thrill will have to wait.

I also filmed a little POV of the adventure. The editing process will begin soon. I hope to have it finished later this month.

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