September 20, 2010

Sept 20: Peach Jam

If you haven't seen last year's peach-week photos, check them out here. There's more of a story in that set, as well as some nice images.

Below are some snapshots from this season's harvest.

Just jam this year.

160 mini jars. 1.5oz
5 dozen small jars. 4oz
22 medium jars. 8oz

650oz total.

For those who like to count, here's your chance*. (*see note at end)

Aren't the little ones cute?
We're designing labels too.

All fancy with some lighting, balancing ambient (fluorescent) with one remote speedlight.

There are still some peaches left for immediate enjoyment.
As my mom said earlier this weekend, 'Something about making jam is just... love & happiness.'
*contented sigh*

Time to go peel a few more for dessert.

Not all of the cans were photo'd. Some were packed for shipment before the photo. I apologize for this number-crunching disappointment.

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  1. Job well done Jeremy & Mom!!! So where can we buy some of that?!!?! I'm serious!