December 13, 2011

Dec 12: Never Before

**Never Before have I done these things**

**Rigged a bike rack using webbing, screws, and cam straps.

Don't forget the the dog, and the chainsaw.

**Planned a route (for a vehicle) on a Forest Service topo map.

The snow was only shin deep in spots.

Which means you can easily eat while you drive.

**Used a chainsaw to remove fallen trees from the road.

Big trees.

**Ridden a mountain bike while wearing snow pants.

It was a rather steep grade. I'd say about 2 million percent.

**Panned for gold. (Cody's pan pictured.)

Nor have I seen more gold in a day's first pan. (Cody makes it look easy.)

**Been so happy to see .1 grams of gold in my own pan.

**Found a clanker in my bowl.

**Processed the gold findings using screens, funnels, whirlpools, water jets, frying pans, squirt bottles...

**Been more proud of a 1 dram bottle (~.05 ounce).

**Completed this many Never Befores in one day.

What an epic adventure.

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