August 28, 2014

July 2014: Grand Canyon

In contrast to my recent verbose posts, (see: TL;DR), below is mostly imagery from my July Grand Canyon rafting trip.

I spent many days on the oar boats.

I joined the paddle boat a few times, mostly for the bigger rapids.

We hiked often and enjoyed lunch on the beach.

When the Little Colorado River met the (BIG) Colorado River, everything turned brown.

The roster changed halfway through the trip, as many guests hiked in or out. The paddle team was all new, but the rapids were much the same. ... Here it goes again.

The biggest rapid of the trip, Lava Falls, was very exciting. The audio is interesting.
Thanks to Chris for the alternate camera angle.

It all happened so fast... Here's a frame-by-frame view of the near-flip. (Click to enlarge.)

The GoPro is pretty fun in the whitewater, but I prefer photos. Of 1700 images, below are some of my favorites.

My dad at the oars, fulfilling a bucket-list dream of rowing the grand canyon with Morgan.

Suzie, rowing a gear boat.

 Rock formations at camp.

 Black Tail Canyon, my favorite place on the river.

 Jennifer, our paddle captain, spending a day on the oars instead.

 Even a wide angle lens doesn't capture the full view.

 Keeping everybody happy with a splash.

Chris and Coleman resting in the shade.

Enjoying a hike with my dad and sister.

Morgan, confident, skilled, and stoic.

My camera got wet and malfunctioned for an hour after this, but it dried eventually. It was worth it.

You'd never believe the story-book ending: lightning (not pictured), double rainbows, and cold beer at the last camp. What a finish!

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