April 21, 2010

April 21: Moab Revisited

It started as a mountain bike trip.
It finished in the Nat'l Parks.
I didn't get the shots I wanted, but there are a few interesting images.

The Poison Spider Trail finishes through the Portal, with some wicked exposure.
Jonathan tempts his fate, past the 'dismount here' sign.


Just kidding. No crazy people were hurt in the making of this image.

But, a fall would kill you. No doubt about that.

Let's go Park'ing. The weather was perfect.

The wide angle gives some wicked deep sky tones.

I spent much of the day looking up.

Or looking in.

Or looking for different ways to see the same rocks.

In part, I looked for different shots because the 'money shots' of Arches Nat'l Park were rather crowded.
What a mob scene. Yuck.

I crouched for 5 minutes to get this one, waiting for the circus to disperse. One dude is still standing behind the tree.

I don't dare even include my Delicate Arch photos. It was infested with creepy crawlies.
I tried to hit Mesa Arch at sunrise in Canyonlands NP. I got there at 6:00am, in total darkness.
I shot this as the sky was barely catching color.

Then, this happened.

I counted 20 tripods at sunrise. Tripods might be used as framing elements, but mostly they are just annoying.

The sunrise light was pretty cool though.

I have a few more composites to share, but I'll hold off for now.

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  1. fan-friggin-tastic

    One day i hope i will start shooting like you ..!
    Keep up the good stuff, sir.