April 27, 2010

April 27: Get Fit

I've decided to tour the Oregon coast by bicycle. I'll start in Astoria and ride 400+ miles to Crescent City.
There's a lot to do before I'm ready, including getting fit, organizing gear, planning the route, etc.

I've ridden 120 miles this week, 20-30 miles at a time. I've done a mix of flatland cruising with the aero-bars and steep mountain climbs. The Oregon coast will demand that I can handle a varying pitch.

A friend also directed me towards this great site for tracking my rides.

Here's my flatter cruising ride from yesterday.
26 miles, with 1000'  total ascent.
(CLICK TO ENLARGE, for detail)

Here's my steeper ride from Sunday.
35 miles with 3050' total ascent.
The last 2 miles are about 7-9% grade. (There's also a lot of snow up there at 7500'. The descent was rather cold.)
(CLICK TO ENLARGE, for detail)

I've calculated the routes and profiles for the Oregon coast ride, broken into 40-60 mile increments. There's nothing as hard as the above ride, but I'll be hauling my camping gear and clothes. There are a couple big days, ~50 miles and ~3000' ascent. Yikes!

Wish me luck.

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