June 4, 2010

June 4: Women's Bike

We're selling a women's road/cruiser bike.
We bought it from Bingham Cyclery in late '08. Due to summer travel and a broken foot, it's been ridden less than 100 miles, and only in fair weather.
Stored inside.

2008 Specialized Globe City 7.

Suited for a woman about 5'0" to 5'4". Specialized says it's a '53,' but check their 'Geometry' tab if you like to see lots of numbers.

It comes with an integrated fender/rack/lighting system, which attaches easily with stock braze-ons.
The lights, front and rear, are powered by the wheels. No batteries required.

Or take them off to save a little weight.

The rear light is also a reflector, for added visibility.

The bike is basically new. With a quick dusting, it could be on the showroom floor. I didn't even clean it for the photos. Look how shiny the cassette is! I wish my other bikes looked this good.

We paid $700 for it. In it's like-new condition, I think $475 is a good price, but I'd like to sell it soon so I'm willing to negotiate.

Email is convenient, as I am often outside. Jeremy@JeremyKoons.com
Call 801-906-8588 if you'd prefer.



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