June 8, 2010

June 8: PMTS Shoot

I shot a few images for Paul Mitchell The School, in SLC.
The images went out in emails to their clients.

The School wanted an image to showcase the professional products,

an image showing the new pedicure tubs,

and an image showing the facial room,

And I created this one to capture the mood.

End notes:
Good PhotoShop work should be undetectable.
I'm pretty happy the the clever lighting in the 3rd image. I used a speedlight on each individual table, then merged them into the darker (but warmer) background image. Without this composite lighting, the room is very flat.
The 4th image is also a composite. I won't give away as many details, but the candles, flowers, background, and bed are 4 individual shots, pulled together in the computer.
Take a photo of a candle using your flash and you'll see why the composite is necessary.


  1. these are awesome jeremy! You always inspire me to do lighting!

  2. These look snazzy. They turned out very clean. Nice work!