January 19, 2011

Jan 19: Sled Hill

In CA, we took the kids (my nephews) sledding.

Dominic, gettin' after it in the blue saucer.

Justin, gearing up the red rocket.

Then, flying.

Crash 'n' burn. (Note Dom with the ice chunk ready to finish him off.)

Everybody put their faces in the snow.

But nobody did it better than Jared.

Pretty solid face shots there.

So much snow in the face. Kevin, and the camera, both lose focus due to snow in the eyes (lens).

Dominic, thrilled.

Then shocked.

(5 seconds later, he wasn't too happy about the frozen face.)
Daniel stepped up for a tandem ride.. you know.. so that Dom would be more comfortable.

Because dads don't really enjoy sledding...
But, they'll do it if they have  to.

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