January 26, 2011

Jan 26: Near Miss

We explored some different lines today, but I didn't quite get things right.

Making the most of the conditions, Sarah skis this line like a racer. But it doesn't....pop. I missed the angle.

I found a better angle for the second shot. Kalen puts in a sweet line. But I somehow missed focus. Slipped a button, or something. It's still usable, but it's not as sharp as it should be. The rocks are soft at full scale. Bummer.

The last line was a stretch. It was impossible to get the composition I wanted. In the end, I just put in in the middle and let it go. Sometimes I can fault the skier for missing the perfect line, but Sarah put this in precisely as I asked. I just couldn't make the shot.

We'll get it next time.
Big plans tomorrow. The images need to be better.

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