November 11, 2009

Nov 11: Panorama Revisited

I'm preparing for a new type of panorama. I won't give it all away yet, but by moving the camera between images, I can preserve scale throughout the image.
In this 'small' example, I've taken 13 images of my backyard wall.
Normally, if you stand in the center of the yard and snap images and stitch them together, the wall gets distorted on the sides. It appears to shrink and fall away from the camera (because it IS farther from the camera at the edges).
By moving the camera, the wall remains the same size throughout the panorama.
Now, imagine this technique applied to an entire city block.
You'd be able to look straight into every storefront, in one image.
Cool, huh?

By the way, this is tricky with just a flat wall. It's going to be a nightmare with trees/people/cars/etc.

Click to view larger. Then scroll horizontal to see detail.

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