November 16, 2009

Nov 16: Castle Last

Just about everything has been skied in 3 days. We are starving for snow, willing to take anything. Streams of skiers are skinning (and booting? yuck) to every plausible line.
I thought we could sneak in to the Castle and find some clean lines, but another group beat us to it. We skied it anyway.

We all clipped rocks. I took a digger. Ouch. And I broke a binding. Double ouch.
Black Diamond replaced it for free. Thanks BD!

The light was boring, but we set a few photos anyway.

Demonstrating proper use of some lava-hot gloves.

Hide and seek in the boulder fields.

Down the fall line, leaving the Castle.

More good practice of my panorama action technique. These won't make the final cut.
Heavy distortion in the first one. Everything looks squashed. The second one is better. I'll get it figured out soon.

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