November 24, 2009

Nov 24: Bumper Stickers

I've seen some interesting bumper stickers this week.
Some I very much disliked, so I won't share them with you.
Others I liked very much.
Today I saw the following on an old white truck:

Math is my best friend.

Power to the peaceful.

Practice random acts of coolness.

I miss Jerry.

...and so on...

I've never seen so many stickers, in the same place no less, that fit me.
Although I'm a photographer, I'm also a math geek, and proud of it.
I think peace is underrated.
I like kindness, but coolness is pretty cool too.
I met Jerry.

...and so on...

...and SNOW on... Ski season officially starts at Alta tomorrow. Be prepared for some ski photo updates.

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