March 13, 2011

Mar 13: Tele Tortoise

It's warm enough for tortoises to awake from hibernation.

After a few warmup laps, I tried to hit the woo-y booter. Everyone did backflips, but I didn't dare.

It rather threw me, even on a simple straight air. I didn't ski out of this one (obviously).

Another attempt started better.

But finished the same. Each bail smashed my face with the box. My mouth and neck are quite sore.

0-2, I quit. Dex gave it a go.

It didn't start too well.

But the second hit was cleaner.

But the landing proved tricky once again.

The highlight of the day was my last run. I pulled a Super-Mario turtle-shell belly-slide down the steep groomer under the chair, about 200 yards.
Sadly, no photos.
Worse yet, the costume is completely torn up. Oh well. I'll build another one for more spring skiing.

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