March 28, 2011

Mar 28: Quilt Processing

I'm processing quilt images today.
Here's how:
I do a few easy steps in LightRoom, like color correction (using a white card).
Then I load the file into PhotoShop.

The main problem is that the quilt is not square. Since I couldn't get the camera perfectly centered, the quilts edges are distorted.
Adding reference lines helps show the distortion.

I use the PhotoShop tool Filter-Distort-Lens Correction. Correct for perspective, distortion, rotation.
Here's the corrected image, with reference lines.

The next problem is the ugly background. The background sheet (plan ahead!) makes this easy to remove though. Select the quilt and add a mask.

Add a new white background layer.

Crop it to a pleasant size, check the details and send it to the editor.
Done and done.

37 more to go.

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