March 26, 2010

Mar 26: Lobitos Part 2

Day 4:
Holggers (pronounced 'ol-wear', or 'or-well', or 'hol-ware', depending on who's talking) teaches a surf class to the local kids, while the volunteers (Alex, in black) assist.

In a little drill, the kids run into the ocean, then back, before Holggers counts to 10.

Some of the kids are just beginning. They need help catching waves. A generous push from behind gets them started. Holggers encourages their efforts.

The older kids, some of last year's beginners, make it look easy.

Day 5:
My first photo class, a 1-on-1 with Henry. I set him up and let him experiment. In the beginning he is a bit shy. He quickly gains confidence and starts asking questions. We discuss all the buttons and controls, lighting (sun angle), and a bit about capturing the critical moment. Towards the end, we discuss shutter speed and focus.
Here are a couple of Henry's first shots. (The waves were non-existent this day...)

Later, we set up on the pier for some filming. I capture the crew discussing the shot.

Day 6:
Forrest brought a new game to the continent. It's great fun, but a little dangerous. Injuries abound, particularly when the game intensity picks up.

I get out for another surf session with the locals.

Day 7:
Surfing and photographing.
I make it up for a short ride. (Thanks to Thomas for getting the shot.)

Then, I get back in the water to shoot some myself.

The underwater housing provides some cool angles. This duck dive is pretty sweet.


  1. Shots look great Jeremy! Thanks again for givin me the heads up to hook up with you guys.