March 30, 2010

Mar 30: Lobitos Part 5

Day 14:
Photo session with Henry.
We talk for an hour about various camera functions, settings, buttons, etc.
He now has a great grasp on shutter speeds, which will help him with surf photography (and everything else).
As a test, we shot these two images.
1/1000 f5.6

1/30 f22

Selective focus is another important technique he now understands. It was super difficult to teach him this. I thought I was using the right Spanish words, but it just wasn't translating. He kept missing the intermediate step (maintaining light pressure to keep the shutter button engaged). It finally came down to slow-motion play-by-play sign language. When he got it, it clicked, and his face lit up. He had the 'ah-ha!' moment. It was really cool to see that. It made me a bit proud too.
Here's the set where he got it.

Day 15:
Last day. Finishing last details. Finalizing first version of the surf photography course outline. Hanging out. Surfing.
Thomas gets his last ride of the trip. He'll be back.

The locals continue to kill it.

Alex gets one last look before heading in.

We head our separate ways, from the East coast to the West, from the Mountains to the Beach.

The trip was a success. The photography program has a strong foothold. I have high hopes for Henry.
The documentary is currently being edited. It should be finished by May, and we'll be seeing it in the film festivals later this year.
I'll let you know when/where to find it.



  1. The surf at dusk photos are awesome! Excellent work budd.

  2. Great job Jeremy!!! Love all your surf shots. I can only imagine how hard it was to explain some of your lingo to Henry! But you are amazing and a great communicator so of course you and he nailed it! Cheers