March 27, 2010

Mar 27: Lobitos Part 3

Day 7:
Campeonato de Surf.
WAVES organized a surf comp for the kids. Four towns were represented. It was a great success.
A future shredder.

Another ripper splits the cameras.

Henry is all smiles as he heads out to the break.

Although he didn't surf his best, Henry was excited to take some shots from the beach.
Here are some of Henry's images.

Day 8:
I scheduled a photo meeting for this day, but very few students showed up. The ones who did were also rather young. After the photo class, Will taught some basic guitar.

Day 9:
I met with Henry again to teach him some more advanced concepts. Here's an example of how I taught him Depth of Field.
1/30 f4

1/8 f8

1s f22

He picks it up very fast.
More to come...

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