December 18, 2010

Dec 18: India Part 4

One challenge of photographing Indian icons is the abundance of people. See: population 1.2 Billion, with a B.
The Taj Mahal averages about 6000 visitors per day. (~2-3 million per year.)

Unless you are French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who emptied the entire Taj so he could visit it privately, you can't take a photo without having half a hundred people in it.

The 'classic' angle has people crawling everywhere, from the walkways to the first platform. (The light is also not great, as the haze swallows the dawn sun.)

Searching for alternate angles to eliminate some of the people gave me an image that feels very forced.

After struggling to get decent images of the structure alone, I modified my strategy to embrace the people.

The sun broke through to bring out the colors.

I could then get more creative and photograph the Taj in interesting ways.

Often I waited a long time for good moments. Here, a fellow strikes a pose after seeing me.
I snap it anyway.

A few minutes later, the moment arrives.


  1. Nice way to work through the initial frustration Jeremy! Once you got over the need to exclude people the images really took off! Beautiful!

  2. Great work Jeremy - I can feel the peace of this majestic place in your images!