December 21, 2010

Dec 21: India Part 8

Just a quickie, for people who enjoy civil twilight.
(All photos are unedited. The colors are 'as-is,' straight from my point'n'shoot.

Amsterdam airport at sunrise.

90 minutes later, en route to Portland OR. (Notice the ships, bottom right.)

Heading North and West, over Greenland and back down.

Just 3 hours after sunrise, the sun sets.
Actually, the sun didn't change much. We just flew way North, away from the December sun.

Another hour later, the sun is still setting. Or is it rising? It's hard to tell.

Another 90 minutes later, and the sunset/sunrise is still holding.

We experienced about 4 hours of civil twilight.
Then, I fell asleep. The sun finally rose one last time, and we landed around midday in Portland.

I imagine people living near the poles might experience this everyday in winter. It would be a long 20 hours in between, but 4-6 hours of twilight would be beautiful.

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  1. I love these Jeremy! Sunrise or sunset? Very interesting and cool!