December 20, 2010

Dec 20: India Part 7

We saw over 100 species of birds.

Some were easy to photograph, like this Treepie. (begging for food, unsuccessfully.)

Some were difficult to photograph, like this heron with a frog in its beak.

Some were cute, like this Spotted Owlet.

Some were colorful, like this Indian Roller. (also difficult.)

Many of my photos were just for species ID, so that we could verify our sightings.
Sometimes though, I was able to focus more on the photo and less on the bird, like this one of a Martin. (similar to a Swallow.)

Or this one, of a Black Drongo.

I have a lot of boring photos of interesting birds. (owls, eagles, ducks, storks, etc.)
I also have interesting photos of boring birds, like these Rock Pigeons.

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