December 20, 2010

Dec 20: India Part 6

Recall what an 'average' tiger sighting might be, from a few posts ago.
Just 1 tiger, in the brush, for 30 seconds, with 50 or more people.

Here's what an extraordinary tiger sighting might be.

First, a female.

She lays in the road just in front of us.

Maybe 7 meters from the jeep?

Then a male, her brother, emerges. These 'cubs' are ~20 months old, nearly full grown, and soon to become independent.

He marks the tree and has a stretch.

He weighs roughly 200 kilos (over 400 lbs).

The siblings walk leisurely down the road.

As we follow, a second male (another brother) steps out behind us.

We wait for him to cross the road to join the others.

All three drink from the pond, then scamper off into the brush.

Total elapsed time between the first frame and the last: 26 minutes.
Or 1560 seconds, which is a bit longer than 'average.'

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  1. Simply incredible! Love these shots Jeremy! You're one lucky man.