December 19, 2010

Dec 19: India Part 5

We had the opportunity to see some 'women crafts.' At first, I thought it would be a tourist-trap thing, where the 'local art' is really made off-site and brought in to sell as overpriced souvenirs to foreigners.
When we arrived however, we found the artists on-site, at work, and very approachable.
We saw people sewing, weaving, painting, and embroidering.
The textiles were stunning.

A man weaves a rug.

Eight women sit together, each working on a different piece.
They ask me to photograph them and we have a great time posing, shooting, and sharing.
Most pose like this. (I imagine this is the standard pose they give to all the tourists.)

When seeing their photos, they smile, laugh and make jokes.

This attitude is all for show. She smiles after the last frame.

It is incredible to see their work. The textiles are beautiful.
As are the women themselves.

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